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Campaigners cry foul over NHS Digital plans to grant policy wonks and researchers access to patient-level data



"Using patient information for funding decisions by policymakers is just toxic, and they know that."

So how else are they supposed to make funding decisions?

In response to minority moaning?

Virtue signalling for political motives?

I WANT someone to know that there is for example an excess of deaths from cholera in a given postcode.

It is fairly vital to know that, for example, those of 'certain ethnic backgrounds' are more susceptible to Thalassemia, and others to heart problems.

Blue sky research by private institutions is all very well, but the NHS has to be seen to be spending money rationally on a cost benefit analysed basis.

If it cannot see the results of spending, if it cannot see what money needs to be spent on, how can it do that?

Medical research is plagued by fads conjectures and outright fashion. It needs hard statistical data to prove its case.

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