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How they can not recover this device is beyond me. This place sounds sketchy with untrained technicians running everything.

Might be something hidden in the bits about "critical infrastructure" and requiring scheduled downtime a month or two in advance?

Sure, it would be nice if every manager and the like knew exactly how every bit of network kit was run, and they knew how to build to best practices etc (including not relying a single piece of kit that cannot be shut down for a few minutes without a quick way to bring things back up - they do have a 4 hour replacement contract after all).

But then if managers could do our jobs, we would not have jobs now would we? If the boss could build the network, why hire someone else? And if you hire someone who passed enough of your checks to be allowed to build your network, there's a fair bet he could at least fake it well enough to appear that he could be trusted to do his job.

Sure, it's a simple matter of rebooting the switch. But sometimes, that is not so simple. I used to run a couple of seperate lots of web/email server (with mirroring) in different locations, and if I had to reboot either routers or servers I could change the DNS, wait a bit (set to 15min TTL IIRC), then reboot knowing full well that if anything failed to come up no one but me would know. Not every one has this set up though.

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