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I've worked with people in the past who were actually very good at their jobs but were constantly being bad mouthed by management. This was often when a PHB thought they knew everything (often loudly) and the colleagues were constantly being forced to prove them otherwise to the PHB's boss.,

I had fun with that once or twice. The boss had been badmouthing me to suppliers, customers and contractors.

One day there was a fault with the internet (telco end, not ours) and he came in while I was talking to one of said customers and mentioned it. I just nonchalantly said "Well, you know much more about networking than I do, I'll go off clock and watch in awe as you fix it".

Both the customer and I found it quite a joy to be sharing a moment together watching him get more and more flustered as he proclaimed his knowldge, went in with a 'fix', only to have that fail so go with another thing. He'd heard me talk of a bad LAN card flooding the network with "martian packets" (an early outage before I got some resiliency built in) so decided one of the machines was causing that and unplugged them one by one, claimed bad cabling so opened up packets of patch cables (all the shop ones were made by me, the ones he opened were on the shelf IE saleable stock), and various other things..

What made it more enjoyable for me is it was a "brief" (as in 3-4 hours) but major outage. The customer worked a couple of blocks away and had everything with the one telco so had lost phones and internet, and had come to me in person to see if I was aware what was up. As our net and phone line was also out, I'd already phoned the telco to make sure they were aware of a fault when the boss came on the scene. Given we could log into the router and it had a "disconnected" status icon, I was fairly certain the internal LAN was fine and the other side was dead, especially as someone a couple of blocks away had the same problem :)

Love being able to show that kind of manager up when the time comes.

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