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Android clampdown on calls and texts access trashes bunch of apps


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...So now they're being stopped ( hopefully).

There are definitely plenty of apps that make dubious requests for permissions of all kinds and for sure a lot of them will be trying to slurp sensitive data. It's always been one of our worries that this takes place without our understanding and being of limited knowledge, seems difficult too difficult to keep track on.

That said, rather than just issue a blanket ban (the software engineers' response to almost all problems they don't know how to deal with), it would help if there was a general policy for apps to behave along the lines of: "Can I have permission? No? Ok I'll just do my best without it and stop whining..."

For certain there are plenty of apps that will fall foul of this approach but it would help in many cases at least. Otherwise it seems helpful to open source everything or at least insist Google Play offers some kind of privacy accreditation?

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