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" long as it's for personal use..."

It doesn't matter if it's for personal use or not - call recording is acceptable/legal period. Even in those jurisdictions where it is apparently proscribed there is little can be done to stop or enforce it making the whole regulation useless.

The release of the recording is another matter however. If there is a clear public interest need then any blow-back is likely to fail. The other scenario is where a dispute arises between private parties (perhaps in court) and even then the recording can be rendered as a written transcript to circumvent this, if need be.

Otherwise everything you said is on the ball and we thoroughly agree. Having either 3rd party or native call recording deprecated is a complete pain and a major red herring in terms of security/privacy.

It's just another example of the dumbing down of Android and it seems the 'smart' part of the phone is being lobotomised. Maybe it's time to get our old S60 out again...

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