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Having another referendum would be a joke. What happens if we get a different result - best of 3?|

People are now a lot more aware of the implications of leaving the EU having watched the A50 process for 2 years and facing up to genuine problems like the Irish border. It is much better to ask for an informed consensus instead of the nebulous concept and bare-faced lies that were presented in the original vote.

If a second referendum was held, may of the people who didn't vote because they felt comfortable in the remain poll lead and bookie odds will turn out. A good chunk of the leave weighting came from the elderly, many of whom are no longer here.

I would vote with the young because it is they who will have to live with it the longest and have the most to lose. Older folk with no mortgage and safe on their pensions think quite differently than those just starting out. "I'm alright Jack".

The door will remain open in the future for any political party to campaign a general election with leave EU in their manifesto.

Unfortunately for those young people, if leave happens it is not in our own destiny to rejoin, and the door is likely to be shut after this moronic debacle has embarrassed the UK and exposed us as being driven by our large uneducated and ignorant underclass.

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