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Android clampdown on calls and texts access trashes bunch of apps


"Don't be evil"

Google's draconian management of the Play Store is far worse than just this.

Your entire company can be permanently banned, with no recourse, because an employee has a friend who got their developer account banned.

Since Google is very quick to hand out bans for innocent developers, this is a relatively common occurrence.

Google refuses to provide a channel with which to make a meaningful appeal, and if you create a new account it will be banned (but only after they take your money, of course).

Google has created an environment where you cannot risk collaborating with other developers because it could permanently destroy your career along with your company. The first screening process for any Android development job will soon be, "do you know anyone whose developer account was banned?"

Frankly, it's hard to believe but you'll find plenty of evidence on the r/androiddev subreddit. Google has literally killed off at least several small businesses along with many innocent independent developers.

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