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Android clampdown on calls and texts access trashes bunch of apps

whitepines Silver badge

Guess we needed that Ubuntu Phone ecosystem after all. Too bad most phones sold outside Asia and the EU come with crap locked bootloaders (and too bad Ubuntu Phone itself was kinda crap).

With Google running the show and locked bootloaders stopping OS replacement, Android is NOT open. It's a walled garden with a back door propped open, but if I can't replace the OS it is NOT open like the PC ecosystem was in the '90s. Time to stop propagating the "open" myth.

* Yeah, I got hit by this "feature". It basically disabled my VoIP app and is trying to push me into uploading my data to Google. Pigs will fly when I let that happen, so my phone is now less useful. (yes, the loader is unlocked, but the app developer removed the functionality, so unless an open app is created that can add it back in, fixing the OS won't fix the problem).

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