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Android clampdown on calls and texts access trashes bunch of apps

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Do you really think Google & Apple are any different? They're both Inbredistani companies that have one interest - themselves. If your messages are sitting in someone else's app that means it's harder for Google to leach them behind your back. Control your own connectivity on your own phone that you paid good money for? To make a hollow laughing.

And as far as waving through BlackBerry.. Really? Google helping a competitor? Pigs might fly*.

As for the broken promises I suspect the app problems are more incompetence than intent. Google might have blocked or removed certain processes and activities usually related to the banned procedures - and caught out ppl who've shoehorned them to do something else.

Don't expect much help - Google can't even manage a dark theme for the play store... After God knows how many years of asking?

*/ the one with the coffman cartridges please.. Guess which hole?

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