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Because of the wide gap between the leaders of the left and right and the disparity of opinions of politicians and those of the people, I believe we need 3 binary questions something like below. In fact if they had asked these questions first time round we would not be in the mess we are in.

Please select only 1 response to each of the 3 following questions:

1) Leave the EU? [ ] / [ ] Remain in the EU?

Regardless of your answer to the previous question please continue:

2) Leave with a deal ? [ ] / [ ] Leave with no deal?

Whether you want to leave or remain, have a deal or no deal, please continue:

3) Leave with the P.M.'s deal? [ ] / [ ] Leave with a Norway+ deal?

Please ensure you have answered all 3 questions. Failure to do so will be a wasted vote.

Any vote which only asks: May's deal vs Remain or May's deal vs Leave, will be opposed by one group or another resulting in the same deadlock which has already paralysed parliament. Any vote which ignores no-deal Brexit will similarly inflame the small but extremely vociferous voters who insist that Brexit means their particular brand of Brexit.

1) we need to re-run the original question because not only have some people changed their minds, but there are now people entitled to vote who were disenfranchised in the advisory referendum.

2) amongst people who voted to leave, there appears to be vociferous support for "no deal". However, people who want to remain should not have their future determined only by Brexiters. A vote would show decisively that "no deal" in not supported by a majority.

3) the PM's deal needs to be put to people as an option since we know that the EU will accept it and the people may also, in spite of MPs voting against it. Norway+ needs to be on the vote since it has been offered by the EU and the people may support it.

In order to remove the argument against repeated referenda, that the following rule should apply:

For any referendum to be reversed, the new winning percentage must be at least 50% more than the previous winning percentage. e.g. since the previous remain/leave vote was 51.9 / 48.1, the next vote must attain 51.9% +(51.9%-50%)/2 =52.85% i.e. 52.82 / 47.15

This rule would mean that each reversal becomes progressively harder. In fact it would be unlikely that any vote could reverse more than 3 times. If this rule had been applied to Brexit, leave would have had to achieve 75.8% ie would have failed before it started.

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