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Unfortunately, the quorum of AoA sensors is not trustworthy, as they are subject to the same adverse conditions (icing or wasps or tape) and more than 1 could and do fail simultaneously (same as with pitot tubes), as in 3 AoA sensors in Airbus 2 showing incorrect input - this is well documented, see e.g.

However, the failed sensor does not typically produce random values, the incorrect value produced is typically the value at the moment the sensor got blocked and does not normally change (same as with pitot tubes). If of 2 AoA sensors, the first produces changing values and the second produces unchanging or near-unchanging values, the second sensor most likely failed. With this and other available sensor input (pitot-static) combined, the problem of determining failed and working AoA sensors seems to be solvable in practice, even with only 2 sensors available. Probably even with a software update.

It does appear to me that Boeing managed to squeeze a poorly engineered potentially unsafe system past all controllers though.

Icon because what happened next.

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