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"Another vote would be good with a clear idea it will be binding and people having a better idea of what it means.

I do not see why the leaver could object, if leaving is truelty the "WILL OF THE PEOPLE" then another vote should confirm this."

The only problem with that is what if it doesn't give us any clearer idea? The polling numbers post-referendum are all within similar margins to the polling numbers pre-referendum so the likelihood of getting a clear idea is, in my opinion, a fantasy as the result will maybe be a 5% swing one way or the other. 53-47 to remain is as likely to be accepted by leavers as 52-48 is accepted by remainers, only now you've added distrust of referendums and the political classes to the mix. Do you then have a third referendum with best of three? An election where the Tories are a broken mess but still polling significantly better than Labour but with no clear idea of what you would get and the only English political party outright supporting remain was annihilated.

Henning Wehn sums it up best on Question Time:

Note that I'm not providing a solution here as things are a mess as they stand - the only likely political solution I see at present is the EU rejecting an extension and forcing either an accidental WTO exit (allowing political parties to ditch the "causes", hold an election and hope all goes well) or MP's to revoke article 50 at the last minute and face the consequences from the electorate. If the EU choose to accept an extension, the game of pass the political responsibility parcel will continue for a few more months. Or years. Or forever. Or it will feel that way at least.

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