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Whatever happened to the stick shalers of old that used to warn pilots of an imminent stall?

The trigger points to the stick shaker is no longer just stall.

In the Lion Air incident, the stick shaker was activated the moment the aircraft was airborne until it crash. In previous two (or three) flights, the pilots also observed the same thing. Except, those pilots "accidentally" (or mistakenly) disabled the MCAS and made it.

Another thing about the stick shaker is how company policy defines it. In the initial Lion Air investigation recommendation, the pilot has the "final say" if the plane is deemed "flyable" or not. But when the stick shaker got activated immediately after takeoff that alone is grounds for any pilot to invoke that the flight is not "flyable" and turned around. Apparently, this policy is not "standard" in Lion Air. However, even if this was standard, it wouldn't make any difference because the aircrew didn't know how to disable MCAS.

software update for the troubled Boeing 737 Max airliners is coming "soon".

I hope Boeing did extensive testing of this software in a LIVE aircraft.

So good news and bad news:

Bad news: Operators and passengers are going to be caught between a rock and hard place. Ever operator will have to take the risk and load this software. Immediately.

Good news: Due to the two incidents, it would seem that every pilot (will) know how to disable MCAS. Maybe some pilots will just disable MCAS before take-off.

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