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Ack. He was spoiled by a GUI front-end, I see. "the ones I was used to". Yeah I think I had to spend at least a minute learning the ssh command line when I first used it, too.

Hint: "man ssh" (this works on OSX as I recall - I don't have a Mac handy to verify it with). I use this (literally) ALL of the time (a remote shell to a VM running Linux, to test stuff - left logged in on one of my desktops on a FreeBSD machine). That and scp also, making backups etc.. And sftp works really well with my web site. Who needs "authoring tools", am I right?

One thing I _LOVE_ about Mac OSX is that its userland was forked from FreeBSD 5 and so I can just jump in there and do stuff and it WORKS.

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