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Apple bestows first hardware upgrades in years upon neglected iPad Mini and Air lines


Use it for what it is designed for..

The end of the article seems to go off as Chromebooks are better.

The iPad and Chromebooks are designed for two totally different types of usage.

Many people don't understand this.

The iPad is designed as a content consumption device. Watch movies, play games, read ebooks. web browsing, etc.

Chromebooks are designed as cheap throw away laptops. If you want to do things that a laptop does, write code, term papers, then a chromebook would be better. I don't understand people trying to make iPads into laptops, this kinda of works with lots of hurdles. Then people go and slam on the hurdles trying to shoehorn the wrong device into the wrong task. Apple kinda follows along and tries to enable this to happen, but with their sandbox, this is never going to be the same as a laptop.

But they work great to consume media. Hand an iPad to a 3-year and watch them learn to navigate it in minutes.

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