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Just look at Q! Watch out Microsoft, the next Android has a proper desktop PC mode

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...let's see if this makes sense to anyone else.

Most software developers today tend to prefer the web browser on Windows and other desktop based platforms. (Because making desktop software is too hard for the majority of developers out there today, apparently.) While only creating apps for iOS and Android. (Because those browsers are too shit to support properly, or something.)

So if Android moves to the desktop, does this mean those developers will stop making Android apps in favour of extending their offerings for other desktop platforms (which is basically what Chrome OS was supposed to be in the first place - more or less). Would that then spell the end to Android due to lack of "Apps"?

I can only hope... :)

EDIT: When will Android Studio be available for Android? I'll bet a sizeable sum of money it'll be right after the first snowball fight in hell finishes.

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