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PuTTY in your hands: SSH client gets patched after RSA key exchange memory vuln spotted

Lee D Silver badge

I find it strange that the one piece of software that we ALL rely on for security in IT, and pretty much the only used Windows SSH client, is basically operated by one volunteer in charge of a small team of volunteers. We have far too many of those kinds of things in our ecosystem, even if they are nice guys(*).

PuTTY is one of those tools that I have installed locally on workstations - because when the mess hits the fan and you need to SSH/telnet into a RAID or network controller or whatever to fix things, you don't want those tools to be sitting on a network storage.

(* Simon's a nice guy. Helped me when I was porting his puzzle collection and ran across a very mysterious bug that turned out to be a glibc bug when memcpy'ing negative signed char values - he disassembled an ARM binary to find that for me.)

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