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I don't expect the market for these devices to be large initially but I guess the companies that should be really worried are the PC makers: the few that are left just got even more competition.

This also spells the end for Linux as we know it. Most of those phones have locked bootloaders, and Facebook and Google can both spy through as much of these people's new "desktops" to their hearts content. Not to mention such fun features as:

Fully enabled DRM (i.e. time bombed movies etc.)

Always on cell signal (along with remote bricking per Cali law etc.)

Really it sounds like this is final push for all technology being converted to enslave people instead of empower them. Try bricking the normal desktops of political dissidents, etc. (or burning libraries) and see how far that gets before some other nation steps in with their military. Just deleting the controversial files remotely from the phone, or wiping them from the cloud service probably won't get that kind of response.

I wonder if Torvalds is regretting his decision not to GPL v3 the kernel yet.

For the first time in a long time I'm genuinely terrified of the future.

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