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2 weeks till Brexit and Defra, at the very least, looks set to be caught with its IT pants down

John Smith 19 Gold badge

And yet is it a fact that cannot actually be disputed.

I've found pretty much everything you post can be disputed.

"Taking back control" implies

A) That somehow the UK lost control in the first place.

B) That it will have absolute control over its borders.

A has been shown to be a partial truth at best and B is nonsense for any country that does not want to be looked at as untrustworthy in international relations as say North Korea. Border control requires the co-operation of the people on the other side of any border you have. Hence no one has "Absolute" control of their border.

Like most kwitters you seem to be ignorant of the implications of international law (the clue is in the name) and what happens if you just ignore your obligations.

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