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The only thing devs need (other than the guts to just do it) to port windows applications to Linux is a decent toolkit and environment to do it with. OK I've been working on that for years...

Seriously, though, if something implemented Win32 like Wine does, but as a static lib so you could ship it built into your application, then run it on any Linux system as a binary, a LOT of windows application vendors would be VERY very interested. And all it would take to shift the balance away from Win-10-nic would be a bunch of software vendors targeting Linux!

The alternative would be a version of Wine that is 100% compatible with Win32 in general. Nevermind all of that UWP crap, let Win-10-nic keep that. I'm talking about Win32 API and the things that utilize it, the vast majority of windows applications out there that still run in W7 or earlier.

(devices are less of a problem since the Linux kernel gets a lot of support for that, and most of the Linux drivers are chip-level or class drivers, so most things should 'just work' when you install, Broadcom notwithstanding, and they need to get their act together better, yeah)

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