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It will in the end be as groundbreaking as Microsoft Services For Unix, the predecessor for Cygwin.

Though before that there was Xenix. I remember installing it around 1987 to test a C++ preprocessor that outputted C.

From Wikipedia

<quote>Microsoft, which expected that Unix would be its operating system of the future when personal computers became powerful enough,[4] purchased a license for Version 7 Unix from AT&T in 1978,[5] and announced on August 25, 1980, that it would make it available for the 16-bit microcomputer market.[6] Because Microsoft was not able to license the "UNIX" name itself,[7] the company gave it an original name.

Microsoft called Xenix "a universal operating environment". It did not sell Xenix directly to end users [I think they did eventually], but licensed the software to OEMs such as IBM, Intel, Management Systems Development, Tandy, Altos, SCO, and Siemens (SINIX) who then ported it to their own proprietary computer architectures. [I'm sceptical about how much of that is true, I was doing stuff on computers then for the day job]

In 1981, Microsoft said the first version of Xenix was "very close to the original UNIX version 7 source" on the PDP-11, and later versions were to incorporate its own fixes and improvements.</quote>

Really anyone that really wants Unix, BSD, Linux will do what they have always done. A real install. Most companies I know that are locked into Windows but developing on Linux are using VMs, on Windows 7. Many devs considering how to persuade upper management to let them have native Linux installs instead of Win10.

This will not affect Linux usage. I found both MSFU and Cygwin totally frustrating. It was easier to install a Linux distro on a "old" box when it was replaced by a new windows box, later only laptops. Then sneaky dual boots when HDDs got bigger. Now have an XP VM on Linux, unused for two years.

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