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They're BAAACK: Windows 10 nagware team loads trebuchet with annoying reminders to GTFO Windows 7

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I'm sort of the same way. My Windows machine isn't connected to the internet at all so Win7 is fine. It means I don't have to spend a load of money on a new box and my software will keep working. The last time I noticed, there was only one program with significant new features that would be "nice to have", but every other SW update the the applications that I run (CAD/CAM mostly) just have "features" that don't do me a blind bit of good. They are fantastic for hardware vendors since those new features need another 4 cores of CPU to not be used.

The UI of Win10 is a joke. It looks like a deep collaboration with Fisher-Price. Sometimes the paint work is shiny enough and it's time to get under the hood and install more horsepower or a few mods for better mileage.

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