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My dad's PC was always getting dropped off at my house, virus infected as hell. This was happening every few weeks. About the fifth time I told him that I will not fix it again. Period!

One of my best friends owns a local computer store. So, when the inevitable happened, I told my dad to take his PC over to Al's shop.

The next day I get a call from my friend Al that goes something like this...

Al: "Why is your dad bringing his PC to my shop?"

Me: "Because I told him I will not fix it anymore. This is the sixth time in three months he's got it infected."

Al: "Well... Okay, but I will give him a big discount because he's your father..."

Me: "NO!! If anything charge him a little extra. You'll hope you did when he brings it back infected in a week or two. Also, he needs to learn his lesson that behaving recklessly is going to cost him money from now on..."

Al: "Ummm.. I'm not sure I would feel right about charging him my full hourly rate..."

Me: "Well, suit yourself."

Al changed his mind about the third time my dad brought the PC in virus infected as hell!. I even tried to put him on Linux, but he just complained that he couldn't run this or that software.

I haven't seen his PC since this all went down, so I don't know he is doing these days?

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