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Mayors having a right 'mare in Florida: Acting mayor arrested weeks after boss also arrested

Fred Goldstein

We *are* talking Florida here. Look, most of the people I run into have an "above-average" intelligence. Somebody has to be below average. That's what Florida is for. They have two fetishes. One is being stupid, or at least electing stupid people. The other is guns. It's a deadly combination, but the NRA and its sponsor gun makers make out like bandits there. As do the bandits. At least the old mayor had apparently once been a doctor, just a bad one. And this being America, without an NHS, a lot of people depend on whatever medical help they can find, and can't afford a real doctor. He was probably better at it than the faith healers that are so popular in the American south.

Vermont, on the other hand, is not stupid, just snowy. Like other New England states, its Towns do not have mayors, as the executive is handled by the Select Board and the legislative by Town Meeting (everyone who shows up votes). And they do make good cheese. So there's nothing a mayor does there that a goat can't do. And come spring, the goat can help keep the lawns and weeds in check.

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