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All good, leave it with you...? Chap is roped into tech support role for clueless customer

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Just A.N.Other Day in A.N.Other Office, El Reg ‽ .:-)

Have you ever ended up being roped into doing more tech support than you’d bargained for? Do the words “just in case“ also fill you with foreboding?

:-) Paints a picture very much like every normal day in an El Reg Office, Rebecca? Can you imagine what the Future brings or will AI and IT Present it to You with the Phased Arrayed Introduction to a New COSMIC Discovery ..... Heavenly Performers.

FVEY's Greatest Fear Realised. .... with Advanced Beta Copy Development Environments .... in Internetional Intelligence Competition for the Hearts and Minds/Thoughts and Deeds of a Choice Few Enabled to Lead Oft the Many.

Are information powder kegs liable to spontaneous combustion, El Reg? Too much new secret sensitive information very quickly becomes an almighty burden when and wherever not served and shared/savoured and enjoyed. As a wise precaution ..... Be Ensured of Right and Sound Mind for Madness and Mayhem abound in the Realms Controlling Information ....... with Internetworking Service Providers Supplying Vital Engaging Content ..... Extremely Attractive Views and Truly Addictive News.

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