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Oh the irony. You do realise that, in days of yore, there was only the Post Office and every company relied on it for all their comms needs?

There is nothing new in a business being dependent on single comms provider.

What is new is relying on a comms provider who you do not pay for their services, and with whom you therefore have no contract, because people paid the Post Office for their services that payment taking the form of stamps. And if you cared enough you paid for (and still can pay for) special magic extra-expensive stamps which meant that they promised to deliver your message by a given time, to the right person, on pain of financial penalty and also promised to pay you some amount if they lost your pack(age|et). And they did do that: I've claimed on those promises and they work.

But now we all, apparently, think that it's fine to complain bitterly when some service for which we do not pay, and with which we do not have a contract, falls over. Hint: it's not, we've just all been fuckwits to assume that there is not only a free lunch, but that it's an endless buffet, and no-one has poisoned the wine.

Here's the thing: the free lunch is not endless, and the wine is poisoned.

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