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For how many Android apps will the following work?

1) Copy/Paste

2) Printing

3) External USB or SD card storage

4) External local LAN storage via server shares & login

Will there be an included "file manager" instead of a third party one?

I've three versions of Android. Almost no apps support Printing. Very few external storage. A few support "Cloud" storage (not interested) and only a 3rd party file manager supports LAN shares.

Only the OLDEST phone has an HDMI connector. In comparision the Wireless connection to Smart TV on the latest phones and tablets are garbage. My monitors and adaptor boxes for monitors only support composite, VGA, DVI, HDMI. None support the RF based "mirroring".

One phone does already support two apps open in two windows. Multiple apps in separate windows is the only major OS feature missing. All the other things are sort of in the OS, but lacking in Apps either due to cluelessness or App originally for an ancient Android.

WFWG 3.11 was better than Android is for a desktop.

The problem is that if you design an OS and apps for a small screen with predominately touch, it's rubbish for desktop. As users of Win 8 & 10 know, compared to Win7 and earlier. MS used to make the opposite mistake for Windows CE / Windows Phone (before tiles/Zune etc).

Unless apps are trivial, they need two versions. One for desktop and one for touch phone/tablet. Also it's not really feasible to use many kinds of content creation applications on a touch only screen or a small screen.

This is a niche for people that don't need laptops. It also needs better written applications to succeed as well as an OS supplied file manager.

This is no threat to Windows, MacOS, iOS or any sort of Linux with a decent desktop / window manager. Partly because most apps are limited even compared with what Android can already do years ago and partly any App good for small screen/Touch won't be good for "desktop use".

Even keyboard layout support is a joke on Android. With mouse & keyboard some apps still occasionally need touch input.

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