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Never done Fantham's Peak.

The view from the top is another matter. One of the few experiences I will never forget, nor will my family. A small slip during the descent nearly added my name to the rather high death stats on that mountain (even though you can climb it without any special gear). Despite a true "near death experience" it was well worth it, and I've just this week convinced my brother to start training for another go next summer (we are on the wrong side of 45 and a life of 'rough play' has not left our bodies in the best condition!)

I've put some pics of the view from our climb ( family group some years back) up on postimg, you can see them at

Don't worry, none of my ugly mug are present!

The file named MtNaki9 (the last one) is over where I grew up. You can see the house I grew up in from there, though it does share a single pixel with several dozen other houses :) (You can also get an idea why, when learning to drive, hill starts were a bit of a problem if you weren't prepared to drive a half hour or more away :) )

Oh, and on the far right coastline on MtNaki5 - those dots are the highest I'd climbed a few weeks before we did this climb. That is also where the city of New Plymouth lies. (well, it's what passes for a city in NZ....)

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