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It's not just the technology

Look around - it's just the way the world works these days, the stock market, starting new companies, politics, dating, eating in/out, transportation, media, Internet, etc ... it's all sold as "technological improvements" but the reality is that it's aimed at being someones "wallet improvements" by persuading everyone to "upgrade" to something that often barely works as well as whatever it's replacing. But it's New Technology so it must be wonderful.

Yes, I'm an Aliens/Bladerunner fan with a collection of all the versions ever released on VHS/DVD etc ... those movies generally did not end well for technology did they? But at the time we were all excited because we had put humans on the moon, launched Voyager etc. We were actually doing exciting things with science and technology.

Now what's happening? Oh they just want to ship tourists into space for a few million quid apiece.

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