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Aaah the cyclic argument of the csuite that an engineer is an engineer so can look after anything, without training or documentation and a complete failure to differentiate between a level 3 mainframe systems CPU specialist, who is a god in his domain but knows almost nothing outside the silicon with a more general engineer who's skills are not as deep but go up to the software stack. These 'expensive dinosaurs' were pushed out into the field by both ICL and IBM in the 90's until they started to realise that having the best cpu/disk/ tape guy in Europe fixing minor niggles on mid range equipment suddenly stopped being cost effective when BT, HMRC of one of the water companies stopped dead because of an esoteric hardware fault that the diagnostic software couldn't locate. ICL also pushed the other way taking level one retail engineers who were only qualified to swap out devices to look after small servers. I was on site performing some mainframe updates ( I was Software not h/w) when I had to physically prevent and engineer removing the hard disk unit from a server controlling a wool mil because 'it's hot swappable' only problem was it wasn't there was no disk error and removing the disk in use would have caused a head crash and would have lost all the manufacturing data since the last backup.I watched this happened to 2 generations of engineer, realised I was in the next tier and left to become a tech support manager.

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