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My mother refused to believe that I could actually sort out her PC's and relied on 'a friend' to sell her a laptop at full retail price that was 3 years old and less powerful than the spare I would have given her for free. Used 'the guy down the road' to sort out her broadband connection, refusing the gift of a router 'because xxx said it's not compatible' only to be sold the same router for twice the retail price. Unfortunately the guy was right and it was not compatible until it was reconfigured. Fast forward 3 months and I'm visiting for the evening to be told she has never managed to log in to the internet after the first few days. Guess who got the joy of rebuilding the crap laptop, deleting all the malware that has been installed and removing 20+ viruses, re-configuring the router and getting the broadband connection working, sorting out the password to her isp account etc, and needless to say installing AV and a firewall not to forget installing windows and office service packs which should have been on the PC when it arrived.

Did I get a thank you? of course not, she told me that it was now running slowly, to be honest it probably was because it was such a crap machine, I could have bought her a brand new machine for what she paid or a really nice spec refurbished one, this was at the time where laptops were significantly more expensive than desktops and she only ever used it on the same desk, a desktop with a bigger monitor would have been a much better purchase but hey her 'friends' company only sold laptops.

My other family members were not much better but would at least say thank you (but wouldn't stop their son from disabling AV to make games run faster rather than spend £40 to upgrade the memory)

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