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Re: More than 300 dead is largely worth an abundance of caution

AC noted, "...not yet completed the investigation into the Lion air crash....12 months..."

It's a very common failure to design processes that accomplish their goals, but require a duration that happens to be unacceptable.

It's as if far too many people have never considered the Axis of Time.

I'm employed by an aerospace company where the process to release any document seems to require about a month. So every trivial little project takes years, exceeding the annual budgeting cycle; thus wrapping the whole thing around its own axle.

'Axis of Time' folks. 'Axis of Time.'

If the process people could hoist aboard this concept, humanity would benefit immensely.

Strangely, engineers designing factories that punch out products live and breathe timing. Precisely like administrative staff don't.

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