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It is only luddite territory if farmers don't use the extra income to purchase the necessary equipment. Remember this equipment doesn't come cheap and its cost has to be found out of income, or are you suggesting that you want cheap food but are happy to pay big subsidies via your tax - ie. pretty much the current situation.

And yet, farmers aren't purchasing this equipment and as noted hardly anybody has heard about it, because newspapers no longer concern themselves with reporting and simple reasoning like "well, what does the rest of the world do?" followed by a google search.

Instead the newspapers are just saying that we need to import fruit pickers because British workers who have done their GCSE's, then their A levels before the first possible opportunity to leave the education system are overqualified to pick fruit in a field, and get paid more via the benefit system for sitting at home watching TV. Hence a need to import unskilled and uneducated labour who will work for the minimum wage. (often minus "accommodation" costs for a berth in a caravan, which is a quasi legal way of paying less than the minimum wage).

The other option of course is importing automation equipment, and then creating semi-skilled & skilled jobs in the operation of that equipment, and the maintenance and servicing of it which British workers do want to do.

The latter might need a few things to help it get started (government loans or grants to buy the equipment?) but why is this not being discussed in the media? It's like there is a conspiracy of silence over this issue but it seems pretty simple.

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