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@Loyal Commenter

"Since none of the things you list was an actual lie told by the official campaign, you can't use that get-out clause"

Not only is your comment wrong but stinkingly wrong.

"The EU army thing IS total bollocks"

"The fact that they may now wish to 'negotiate' doesn't mean we can actually get a deal that doesn't result in us being very much the minor partner in any such deal"

So we are not at the back of the queue for a deal? So it was a lie.

"I'd also like to point out that Cameron had no authority to promsie"

So he lied?

"Claiming otherwsie was a lie, even when printed on the infamous leaflet"

So a lie

"he wasn't acting as a spokesperson for that campaign when he told that lie"

In that case while lying the official leave campaign were not acting as official spokespersons for their cause when they did it.

Ok please tell me you are some parody commenter who doesnt even believe their own mental gymnastics?

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