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So, your get-out for "on the scale fo those told by the leave campaign" is:

"Since the remain campaign was the government all of their abuses are much more grave as they were also in charge of running the referendum"

Since none of the things you list was an actual lie told by the official campaign, you can't use that get-out clause. None of the supposed things you have come up with are anywhere near the scale of teh lies systematically pushed by the leave campaign over weeks and months. If throwaway comments that I've never even heard before, by foreign politicians not involved in the referendum campaign are the best examples of lies "told by the remain campaign" that you can come up with, then you have proved my original point.

The EU army thing IS total bollocks, so Clegg saying as much wasn't actually a lie. Lying about whether someone was lying doesn't really help your argument.

As for 'back of the queue' with US trade negotiations; they hold all the cards in such negotiations. Unless you are all for chlorinated chicken, hormone and antibiotic fed beef, and high fructose corn syrup in all your food, the things we will have to accept to even do a trade deal with the US are unacceptable. The fact that they may now wish to 'negotiate' doesn't mean we can actually get a deal that doesn't result in us being very much the minor partner in any such deal. If you want to buddy up with Trump, be my guest, but it certainly isn't in the interests of the country.

I'd also like to point out that Cameron had no authority to promsie that the government would enact the result of the referendum. Legally, the enabling bill stated that it was advisory and did not bind the government to action. Claiming otherwsie was a lie, even when printed on the infamous leaflet (which, BTW was not pro-remain). Cameron told lots of lies whilst in office, he was a terrible PM, but you can't associate this particular lie with the campaign to remain in the EU - he wasn't acting as a spokesperson for that campaign when he told that lie (which was a sop to leavers in any event), he was acting as PM.

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