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>The reason Europe has to put large tariffs on to protect our farmers is that the rest of the world is using this stuff, and the EU tarrifs exist to protect the people picking by hand. This is Luddite territory, and absurdly indefensible in the 21st century. While I don't want to see British farmers go out of business and am reasonably happy to pay to maintain British farming I do expect that farming to be done on a modern commercial basis and not as a quasi heritage industry.

It is only luddite territory if farmers don't use the extra income to purchase the necessary equipment. Remember this equipment doesn't come cheap and its cost has to be found out of income, or are you suggesting that you want cheap food but are happy to pay big subsidies via your tax - ie. pretty much the current situation.

Lowering the prices too quickly, only results in farmers using the cheap option and getting in "cheap" migrant labour...

But, then Britain has been a bit of a technology luddite. Back in the 80's we talked and demonstrated CIM, yet the vast majority of British manufacturing was so far behind the curve that the implementation of some simple and basic MRP gave impressive results.

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