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2 weeks till Brexit and Defra, at the very least, looks set to be caught with its IT pants down

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"Please give me five examples of lies told by the remain campaign"

There will be a recession the day of the brexit result. Lie. Followed by- The recession didnt happen because we didnt hand in A50 yet. Another lie as it of course didnt happen.

The punishment budget. Designed to create a recession and do the opposite of any economic advice.

We would be at the back of the 'queue' with a US trade negotiation. We are at the front of the 'queue' a phrasing written for Obama by our gov. The EU of course in not in the queue anymore.

Donald Tusk the end of western civilisation. Lie

Clegg claiming the EU army was a fantasy. Lie.

Junker blaming brexit for the collapse of the EU. Getting his excuses in early.

Cameron will stick around to negotiate brexit. Lie

Mark Carney argued against what the Treasury and BoE have been trying to achieve and continue to try and achieve because it would result from brexit.

"on the scale of those told by the leave campaign"

Since the remain campaign was the government all of their abuses are much more grave as they were also in charge of running the referendum and turning the weight of the government against the population. But in no way do I defend the official leave campaign. They were so shameful I assumed they were there to make remain look good, until I saw the remain campaign had the same quality.

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