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The marketing was helped by the pilot's manuals making no mention of MCAS whatsoever. You can imagine the surprise in the piloting community after its existence came to light after the Lion Air tragedy.

This one is different to the 787 - several hundred people are tragically dead. Also worse than 787, Boeing and the FAA have lost the confidence of the rest of the world's aviation regulators. The high degree of trust that's been carefully built up over generations of engineers and regulators has been destroyed in just a few months.

That means no return to flight in, say, the UK until both Boeing and the FAA have convinced the CAA that the problem has been fixed properly. And the same in France, Germany, etc etc.

That's going to take a very long time to do. It's going to be very expensive. It can easily result in different designs upgrades being required in different countries, meaning there's no common design that's permitted to fly everywhere.

It's a total f*****g disaster for Boeing's commercial prospects. It's not like Boeing are flush with cash, they've been cheerfully paying out a share-price-boosting dividend without any real evidence to suggest that their revenue can support it and cover off disasters like this, especially when their accounting practice seems to involve something termed deferred costs...

It might be cheaper to replace the MAX with A320neos, for both Boeing and the airlines.

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