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Kudo's writing to your MP and MEP. Sorry one is useless but your lucky both arnt, they are both politicians. The difference being the MP has a little more power and responsibility than the MEP (local voting). MEP's being a few politicians into a larger group of the parasites. Democratically we voted for the tories and previously labour. We dont have to be happy with losing but we get a vote to choose our leadership, not something the EU allows. But you will sit under the heel of the EU bureaucrat. Who the hell would put an idiot like Junker as a president?


No you do not have the negotiating power of the EU, the EU negotiates and you take what your given and like it. You want a trade deal? No, you have no power, no authority, no right. Only the EU can negotiate and they are slow and protectionist. Most of the tariff fears remainers have for UK to EU are founded in the EU being a protectionist block which makes it anti trade.


You want to vote to neuter the people you vote in power to do the things you want. The idea the EU moderates is amusing because they are in fear of an extremist takeover (far right often spouted but far left just as dangerous) which would make the EU extremist and dictating law over local government. On the plus side I do appreciate you understanding the EU takes sovereignty, that is often a sticking point.

"(I reserve down votes for trolls and the irredeemably stupid or rude. Not for people trying to have a rational discussion even if we disagree on almost everything.)"

"By all means link to any of your previous posts"

I have a long post history but I always start with the same offer (I actually copy and pasted from the last time I offered but I dont think it was taken up).

To be honest is is nice to have a rational discussion even with disagreement. There are a couple I can on here do that with.

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