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"The entire exercise is all about Mays legacy as a PM in or putting Thatcher in shadow 'the ladies not for turning' sort of mindset."

Very possible. I wouldnt be shocked.

"May wasn't really a remainer, the result was after all a surprise to most, and she expected to be on the winning side by staying with remain as being on the losing side is never conducive to being invited to a cabinet post."

Ok. But then why is she so slow to accept hard brexit is the default legal position, the only option we can unilaterally implement and the guaranteed version of brexit? If she is for brexit her desperate attempts to make a deal, overrule any brexit negotiations and make a deal which would trap us in the EU dont make sense. If she is for remain it does make sense.

"The whole position that the government is thwarting is just a comfy sand lined hole to bury your head in over the embarasing government ineptitude and general lack of vision or ability by all major parties."

I dont need to bury my head, I am quite happy with the idea that the government is incompetently acting like a bunch of remainers but since they are acting like remainers I thought that might be an insult. As the government are walking like a duck, quacking like a duck and acting like a duck I gave them the benefit of the doubt of being a duck. Otherwise they are so incompetent they look like remainers (not an insult, if they are trying to be leavers incompetence would look like remain).

There was only one party who had leave planned. Farages UKIP. You might be on to something about incompetence of government though. Since labour at least our gov has looked weak and incompetent as remainers and now if they are leavers they are still incompetent.

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