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Dude, speaking as an Irish worker, we might take your job, we might take your bosses job but we're not going to take the Romanian potato pickers jobs anymore,

The fact that in the 21st century that we are actually importing workers to pick things by hand is indicitive of a really, really serious problem as regards informed discussion of issues.

Nobody would even consider importing an army of foreign workers to harvest corn with a sickle- even heritiage museaums in the UK use steam engines for ploughing, threshing etc, the first combine harvester was introduced in 1835 and nobody alive has seen this done by hand. The idea would be completely laughable, and anybody advocating doing this would be openly mocked as a luddite for wanting to turn back the clock 200 years.

Yet people reading the newspapers think and really beleive that it's a remotely sensible idea to import tens of thousands of very low skilled people to pick potatos by hand instead of just using a potato harvester to do the job.

Picking potatos/fruit by hand is equally as absurd as cutting corn by hand, yet this is not seriously challanged anywhere. How good a job is your newspaper of choice doing on educating you on the issues involved?

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