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2 weeks till Brexit and Defra, at the very least, looks set to be caught with its IT pants down

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@Loyal Commenter

"Yes dearie, I did read your comment"

Congrats on actually responding to my comment this time, gold star.

"You basically implied that the government are trying to thwart brexit"

First line of the article- "The UK government has moved so slowly to prepare for a no-deal Brexit" as I quoted, I assume you spotted that too? This is an a 2 year negotiation where this party handed in the art50 (as you say they are responsible) and yet during the referendum the one man able to prepare anything (Cameron) refused to and ran when he didnt get the result he wanted. Now we have a remain campaigner May refusing no deal as a possibility (although it is the legal default) and not prepared for it.

Which part are you not clear about? That the remain gov wants to remain? Or that the remain gov are not really remainers but they act and speak just like them?

"The same government that is responsible for brexit in the first place"

That is where we got lucky. Labour promised such a choice because the country wanted out, but of course they never delivered (knowing the result). The coalition was a good excuse for Cameron to break his cast iron guarantee of a choice and in his expectation to fail to get a majority made the promise a second time. Oops. He then delivered a disgusting propaganda campaign including the Treasury directly threatening the population if we didnt vote their way. Basically they fucked up and he ran away. So we have May who campaigned for remain and refusing to accept brexit but stymied by Gina Miller who tried to screw leave but in the end it screwed remain. Because if parliament cant agree to a course of action the legal default is hard brexit.

"Nice doublethink there Orwell."

So far very straightforward, clear and honest to the facts. If you manage to read this correctly I would be interested to see if and how you think it is doublethink.

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