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"Just suppose that you run a small business."

I do, currrently in NL. But we were thinking of moving to West Sussex (both Mrs H and I have ties there) in 5 to 10 years and run the business there for a while before retiring. But that's becoming less and less attractive.

The Conservatives are supposed to be the party of business. I should be a natural Conservative voter (owner of a small business, comfortably off, investments, etc.) but now I would be as likely to vote for the Socialist Workers' Party as for the (as stated by the then Foreign Secretary) 'F.... Business' party.

Politicians (and the civil servants working for them/us) seem to forget that it's businesses which create the wealth and taxation that pay for the NHS, civil service salaries, etc. etc. Running a business always involves a lot of uncertainty - we're used to that. But the UK government deliberately throwing this much unnecessary bureaucracy and uncertainty at businesses, esp. small ones, is just incredible. (Time for my pills, or a nice cuppa.)

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