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Small Brit firms beg for 'light touch' as only half are ready for digital tax reforms due next month

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mebby 1000 truly qualified people in the UK that can take this project from start to finish, forget about having to bits and pieces it together from a standard tech supply chain where everyone is probably booked 6 months in advance trying to get any sort of plan in place to deal with Brexit (plan, did I just say plan? Sorry I meant government mandated decision to be made after the current government collapses from failure either to succeed or when Scotland and Ireland (Northern) vote to leave the UK) and about 500,000 businesses to deal with where the employees are Me, Myself and I, and/or are really good at filling prescriptions or stocking shelves but are already locked into an exclusive tech support contract with a company that may not know squat about this stuff, but are very protective of their turf. Can someone please explain to me how England ended up where they are right now (and I need basic splainin cause I am still trying to figure out how my country (USA) ended up where it is.

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