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Making Tax Farcical

Just suppose that you run a small business.

Suppose you have in-house business systems that (inter alia) record VAT digitally.

Suppose you use those business sysems to generate the data to fill the seven fields that are needed by HMRC reporting once per quarter.

Then along comes Makinging Tax Digital, with a requirement to supply that data via the HMRC API.

Suppose that the API has no documented examples in the language used by your business systems.

You have three options:

1. Replace your business systems.

2. Spend development time on developing, testing and debugging a customised interface with the HMRC API.

3. Export from your business systems to commercial "bridging software" which interfaces to the HMRC API.

All in order to populate 7 fields once per quarter.

Which business problem does HMRC suppose that this solves?

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