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Ah, the good old days

Not comms related, but I remember fondly the time my home power bill came in and was over $300. The Mrs. was not pleased. This was 1999 or early 2000. I had around 20 old '486 and early Pentium motherboards and powersupplies screwed to the floor joists in the crawlspace under the kitchen. All happily chewing through SETI@Home units. I put them in the crawl space since it was cooler under there. As I said, the Mrs was slightly unhappy with my volunteering our money in the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence. Everybody knows there's no space aliens out there, anyhow. I wound up taking them all down over the following month. Then figured out how to slip the SETI@Home screen saver (and config file) into the Ghost image for the computer labs at the University where I worked. I eventually made it to the Top 500 for Academia.

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