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Packet switching pickle prompts potential pecuniary problems

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Not in the same league, but...

I had an Orange San Francisco, on a PAYG contract.

After some time (2-3 years), they announced changes to the billing of mobile data, so there was effectively a daily connection charge, of 30-50p or thereabouts.

And my phone (which had mobile data switched off), suddenly had daily mobile data charges (WTF!), with individual transfers of ~100 bytes.

I narrowed it down to using GPS (I had offline maps); and it turned out that it was the A-GPS data which was the cause.

And their snotty response of "you'll have to ask the phone manufacturer for details of switching off A-GPS requests" was met with a "well, as it's an ORANGE San Francisco, that's what I am doing *". They had to admit they didn't know.

I asked for a PAC shortly after.

* Yes, yes, ZTE blah blah whevs.

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