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Yes but a simple search shows jet lag is just your body clock being out. Sleeping helps, no medication does, no fancy "cure" does.

Not poking fun at anyone. Just has always annoyed me people coming up with all different fancy "cures". But then I am a grumpy fuck so lots of things annoy me.

I never knew what it was when growing up. Thought it was this mystical thing only the rich got (as we couldn't afford to fly anywhere). I know it's only a movie but kinda makes my point is the Thomas Crown Affair, the 1999 one. When Rene Russo's character makes out she is super cool and has this magical cure for "jet lag" by drinking some weird shit.

Then I had very mild case of it, and realise it was just tiredness due to the body clock being out. Went to sleep for hours and was fine for rest of trip. But yeah, I guess it's worse flying to the other side of world unless you can get some sleep on the plane.

Melatonin is also a potential pseudoscience. There are no decent clinical trials that show it helps for Jet Lag or sleep disorders. Much like Remedy Rescue, was recommended to me years ago for my anxiety. I tried it, it was bollocks. It has no effect unless you "believe" it has an effect. As I don't believe in bullshit, it had no effect on me. It has a tiny amount of alcohol in it, that is the only possible reason it could help with anxiety.

Anyway. I'm ready for the down votes, but I like this forum as we seem free to speak our minds without to much of a kicking.

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