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Packet switching pickle prompts potential pecuniary problems

Steve Kerr

Talking of massive bills.

Back in my first job, used to have to download oil drilling data from drilling rigs in the North Sea (back in 1987)

Had a few ways of doing this, most involved setting up a comms link at the heady speeds of 4800, sometimes 9600 if managed to use the leased line link up to the goonhilly satellite base station.

So trying to get a comms link running with over an inmarsat link, in those days, had to pay for the satellite uplink and downlink costs, so everything was double cost - at £5.87 a minute times two plus vat

Spent 8 hours trying to get a comm link going with BP - we worked out that the bill was probably around 5 and a half grand minimum, and it never worked!

Fun times

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