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In the interests of fairness, I should tell you that the best optician I have ever had was and still is a Boots employee. She diagnosed the rare genetic condition that manifested itself in my early 40s (map dot fingerprint dystrophy) and referred me to an eye surgeon for confirmation. Since then the only time I have allowed my routine examinations to be by another optician was when she asked me to allow a final year trainee to do it under her supervision, because my condition is usually only seen in textbooks, and she assured me that he was technically excellent - which he was.

The worst optician I have had was in an Asda concession - he couldn't even tell that I need prism correction, despite using one of my current pairs of glasses as a starting point. Needless to say I binned his prescription. My advice - have 2 or 3 eye tests and compare the results if you're not confident of your current optician/prescription.

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